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March 31, 2014

2014 Sophie G – Shot Check

2014 Sophie G – Shot Check


Lights out at The Brearley Fieldhouse!

Belated notes for Sophie as she heads into a spring full of ball-handling, wanting to score and raising her point of release.


– Excellent, consistent form overall
– Great touch and understanding of stillness in general
– Nice sense of humor while others are taking about your feet


1)  WANT THE BALL, please.  Listen to your teacher.  Hands up, give me the ball now, now, now!  Even if you don’t get it, your defender will be freaked out a bit – always afraid that you really want the ball more than most players.  Want the ball – when you get it in your hands, good things happen.

2)  The Pigeon Toe.  Listen to your fellow shooters who are pointing this out.  See the turning of the right foot (try to straighten and more importantly, fully plant it)

3)  Raise the Point of Release.  How?  Be more prepared in your grounded feet and legs, get off the ground and feel the energy from your foundation drive the momentum of your joints and the shot UP with your chin tipped up so that everyone is thinking the same thing – up, up and over your defender.  Right now you are UP and out a little bit too much in that it will be harder to get this shot off over taller players.

4)  Lock a Perfect Follow Through so that your body remembers the finish and feels the confidence of fully completely the task.

I’m sure there are other little things we can put the X-ray on (with the help of your dad and all his friends on facebook), but for now, as you know, I am a fan of short lists in dealing with shooting corrections and tweaks.

Think of it this way – if your brother or dad had beautiful dunking form, all they would be doing is dunking.

You have beautiful shooting form.

Shoot it.


Thank you.