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May 8, 2016

365 for Mom

365 for Mom

FAMILY SUNDAY – I’d just like to thank all the moms who took one for the team and came up to support their little ballplayers in our scrimmages today. I am sure my mother spent most of her holiday at a sporting event or working a shift at the hospital.

I lost track of the day until I was sitting with our volunteer scorekeeper at the table. This one little guy on our grade 5-6 gray team said he was really tired today. He told me this as he stayed late while waiting for his dad to go pick up his softball-playing sister in the Bronx. I asked why was he so tired? He said he took a modern dance class for four hours yesterday, which I thought was interesting. I asked him to show me a dance move. He said not now. He said then he had our basketball game (he has great footwork). Then little guy then said to me, “I was up until 10 o’clock last night writing down 365 reasons why I love my mom so much. I made all these little cards and sayings for her. It’s so she can have one to read every day for the next year.”

All I could do was smile, and think of how much I miss my mother. In the middle of all the basketball action, I paused and hoped she knew how much we all loved her every day of our lives.