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March 14, 2016

40-0: Triplets in the Backcourt

40-0:  Triplets in the Backcourt

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – The GBA Madness ’16 is over. Not everyone could win the playoffs, but everyone could take advantage of the tremendous amount of opportunities provided by our respective programs and league for almost 1,000 kids this winter.

Exhibit A is the success of the RSS grade school team, led by Maya, Halley and Julia. For the past four years, they’ve racked up a 40-0 record. The twins and Maya have been playing with us as far back as 2nd grade. They show up consistently all year while making time for family and special events. There’s never any whining complaining, or making excuses (at least while under a Mo’ Motion roof). The girls and their Motion X teammates lost by only 8 points this weekend to the mighty Milbank. It was a winnable game, sloppy at times, yet filled with passion and so fun to watch.

Here’s what Maya’s mom, Heidi Packer, wrote this week as a very nice thank you, which I’d like to extend to all the great coaches who motivated, inspired and taught these fine young women for the past 4+ years.

Dear Maureen,

Please see the attached press release and photos below.  The girls would like to share their team’s win with you and thank you.  Mo Motion taught them the fundamentals of the game, but more importantly how to play as a team with passion, spirit and intelligence. This 4 year  (40-0) undefeated team won because they played like a team every game.

We could not be more proud. While our three girls lead with scoring, what people noticed the most was their passing, leadership ability, team spirit and strong basic skills.

Thank you Mo!

Thank you, Heidi. I’m sure that several other Gotham Basketball Association coaches and directors receive props from the kids and parents. We do our best to love what we do and teach the same. Everyone chips in by coaching, teaching, playing and rooting on your child or another child. Together we believe in the benefits of participation in sports, and what it means to work hard, hang tough and go the distance.

2016 Jules, Halley, Maya - Pyramid