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November 12, 2014

Attendance: Common Player Conflicts and How to Handle

Attendance:  Common Player Conflicts and How to Handle

Before common scenarios are outlined, it is important that all parents read the exact excerpt on playing time taken from our Parent Expectations Blog.

[learn_more caption=”#4 If My Child Must Miss Practice, Whom Should I Contact?”]

If your child is going to be absent or was absent from a mandatory team practice, parents are encouraged to email the coach and state why the player was absent. You can do this through the system and the app if you do not have your coach’s email address. Optional workouts DO NOT count for mandatory team practice time. We expect an attendance rate of 80 percent or higher for all mandatory team events. (Click here if you need to read: Attendance: Common Player Conflicts & How to Handle.) An absence is an absence, yet understand judgment calls must be made (We know Grandma only turns 80 once). They player can jump into another practice if there is a conflict, but should be doing it for the workout rather than to assure himself that he received credit. A missed practice is a missed practice or else we run the risk of kids/parents picking and choosing their practice spots each weekend and never getting the kids together as a team. We also have to notify the coach and parents with times/locations and if things change the team will be notified but since that player is not on the team list, they will not receive the notification and will head to the practice time/location. We cannot track who is switching practices each weekend. Note that playing time is determined by attendance record, effort level and players doing what is asked of them (same page rule—see #9).[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”#8  How is Playing Time Determined?  (Attendance/Effort/Same Page)”]

Coaches keep attendance and effort level reports for each practice and determine playing time accordingly.  Players must abide by style of play rules as well – meaning players must be on the same page as the coach and team.  Do not count your child’s minutes.  We do not award equal playing time.  We offer reasonable playing time (per game and cumulative) for those who are showing up, putting in the time and following the rules on the floor.  If your child gets fewer minutes for one game, but is meeting expectations as far as you can see, note that the coaches sometimes can’t make things perfect each game and that they are told to adjust minutes according to our standards in the next game.[/learn_more]

•  Coaches expect at least an 80 percent attendance score to mandatory team practices and events.

•  Coaches expect to be emailed with the exact (truthful) reason why a player cannot attend practice.

•  Coaches need to know as far in advance as possible if players cannot attend games because if 2-3 players are out on a small team, the team may struggle to field five or need a sub.

•  Note that a missed event is a missed event in 90 percent of the cases.

•  Note that this isn’t a rec ball program.  Our coaches are held to very high standards and audited regularly.  If players aren’t showing up or only showing up for games, it is not fair to those who are putting in the work and time.  This includes teammates, coaches and admin who are auditing our teams and coaches.

Examples of Why Players Miss Practice

1)  Another sporting event/conflict or academic conflict.  A child has a school event or a championship game to wrap another sport.  Still counts as a miss, but tell the coach the truth and eliminate this conflict as early as possible.  Keep in mind we defer to other sports during fall and spring.  Winter is basketball season.  Other sports programs know this and they should not be forcing or mandating events outside their true season for various reasons.  They should follow our lead and provide flexible, optional OPEN GYM time for skill development only.

2)  A death in family.  We understand and are sorry.  Just report it and get your child back in the gym sweating as soon as possible.

3 ) A religious celebration or a party/event of a close friend.  Do everything you can to pick and choose carefully given the number of social events that our kids have on their calendars (particularly in grade 7 year).  Compromise is a good thing, meaning go to half of practice or show late to an event.  Please note that we know these parties go on for several hours.  Showing up a little late won’t hurt anyone.  Showing up a little sweaty is not a crime either.

4)  Going to see a Knicks/Nets game or a Giants game.  Please 1) don’t lie about this for we always find out and 2) make sure it is absolute, sure reason to miss a team commitment.  The Knicks/Nets play from Sept-April.  Plan your games in our pre-and post-seasons, please.

5)  Injuries/Illnesses.  This is taken exactly from our Parents – Expectations page.

[learn_more caption=”#12  If My Child is Ill or Injured, Does He/She Still Have to Go to Practice?”]

If your child plans on returning to action, then in most cases YES.  But it depends on the timing, severity and location of the injury.  If it’s a lower limb injury that is still in the acute state (a sprained ankle, stress fracture or fracture), then you may want to back off of one weekend or practice, but note that if the player is going to be activated soon, attendance still does count even if a player is sitting, watching, assisting.  If a child is sick and contagious (beyond a runny nose/sinus issues where sweating can sometimes help), or there is a bad head injury or very bad lower limb injury, then practice is a NO GO.  But if there is room for the child to watch, or in cases of broken fingers (you can actually play with most breaks – with right brace protecting it – but your doc won’t tell you this) – do your best to send your child in and the coach will know to modify.  Squeaky knees (growing pains), Osgood-Schlatter, Severs, plantar fasciitis – we’ve seen and/or experienced all these injuries – and staff is expected to modify around the pain.  Note that any player coming back from a serious injury and/or surgery – you must pass the doc’s OK before returning and you want to email for more instructions on cautionary actions as the player eases back in (so you avoid setting up another injury).  If you need advice beyond modifications and good judgment, email the office.  Again, light sinus infection, runny nose, small breaks in fingers and/or knee pain – our reasonable requests are to attend and modify.  Broken foot, contagious illness (feeling awful in entire body) or head injury in acute state – practice is a no go.[/learn_more]

Please make sure your child is familiar with simple list of rules for PLAYERS – Expectations:  Best of 10