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July 13, 2012

Best “I Got Next” Read in A Long Time …

Best “I Got Next” Read in A Long Time …

Isaac Eger’s first-person narrative “I GOT NEXT: Exploring New York Through Pick Up Basketball” captures his move from Sarasota, FL to NYC. This piece is right up there with Rick Telander’s colorful and humorous classic “Heaven is a Playground” from the 1980s.

Our Camp Motion in June includes taking the boys to local NYC pickup courts to teach them the art of 1) the perfect swipe of a MTA card on the subway 2) how to fit right in with the characters on the subway 3) how to walk on a basketball court and call next 4) how to stay on a basketball court. Whining, complaining and making excuses gets you back on the subway fast.

Eger’s story is colorful, entertaining and accurate. His observations about there being no pure shooters is spot-on as his comment on how white guys (or girls in my case) can get away with more hopping neighborhood to neighborhood. Not getting picked early or having to wait is nothing compared to some people’s real fear of getting jumped. Read every word and share it with the kids who hopefully will get in a few laughs like I did.


“Before you even make it to the courts,

it’s as if you have been fouled a thousand times.”


Here are some other pics of our kids as they traveled from court to court this summer.