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June 17, 2016

The Best Ticket ($3) in Town – March 17, 1993

The Best Ticket ($3) in Town – March 17, 1993

THROWBACK THURSDAY – I just want to thank former NU sportswriting studRick Dorsey for this memento. This brings us way back to the 1992-93 season when we played Georgia Tech in the first round of the NCAA tournament at home. We ran out of the locker room and our jaws dropped when we hit the floor and saw the entire student-section filled and on its feet. We played so well that game – everything was clicking – and it was an incredible feeling to have that much friends with teammates who battled with you every day for years.

Unfortunately Pat Summit was sitting in the front row scouting us as her team sat out the first-round bye. Things didn’t go as smoothly at Tennessee.

I’d also like to point out the $3 cost of admission. You could not find a better deal in town as a parent or as a local who loved college sports.

I’d like to point out based on yesterday’s post that Rick Dorsey flagged something I didn’t realize until now when he said he finished sixth in the Hearst Awards. I realized that Medill was basically the Tennessee (or UConn) of college journalism. I wish I’d taken the Hearst Championships more seriously for now I feel like I let my team down. I don’t know if there was any team score at the time, but now I feel like there was or there should have been. Goes to show you where my head was at the time – always on hoops 24/7 – in spite of the fact that you can write (and get paid for it) for the rest of your life. Hoops – not always true.

Doing both – perhaps that’s where the game is best played for someone like me.

Thank you, Rick Dorsey, for the memento. Good times, great hoops. I am off to watch Game 6.