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November 5, 2017

Broadway Ballplayers Connects with Kids

Broadway Ballplayers Connects with Kids

Are you looking for a way to get your athlete to read more? Or does your eager-reader crave something else? Meet The Broadway Ballplayers—a fearless five with a passion for sports, hanging with friends, and life on Broadway Ave – written by our very own Maureen Holohan. These young adult books are perfect for readers ages 9-12 who love sports, and are available for order through our Mo’ Motion store.

Broadway Ballplayers – Connecting Kids and Books

Teachers, researchers, and parents understand the vital importance of raising children who are not only literate, but who can read well and even look forward to it. When it comes to student-athletes, these goals are no different. In fact, more and more is demanded of these players, especially at the college level.

According to author Gerald Gurney from the University of Oklahoma:

The mastery of reading is the single most important learning skill for advancement in college, sports, and life. Today’s athletics require sophisticated learning skills with reading and comprehension critical to success. In over 31 years of working with elite college athletes, I can affirm that the best athletes come to the university with the reading skills that prepare them for success.  I strongly suggest that students find a subject they are passionate about, and then make a habit of reading every day. 

The Broadway Ballplayers book series can help your young readers to develop these essential reading skills – serving up stories about young women who are passionate about sports. Choose from one of the seven titles available – for only $3 each!

More About the Author

Author Maureen HolohanAuthor Maureen Holohan is a former All-Big Ten Basketball player and journalism award winner. She is a former high school All-American and state champion (Troy High School, Troy, NY), and three-time All-Big Ten basketball player at Northwestern University. While at Northwestern, Maureen won a Randolph Hearst Award for journalism and a NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship.

Maureen visited over 150 cities to promote her self-published books in basketball clinics and schools. After selling over 100,000 copies, Simon and Schuster bought the rights to the books. Book #4 Sideline Blues was a finalist for the Benjamin Franklin/Publisher’s Marketing Association young adult book of the year in 1999.


Reviews for Friday Nights by Molly

Dirt, sweat, black and blue knees on girls of all body types, sizes and colors, competition, sport and growing up…what an absolutely terrific combination! The Broadway Ballplayers is just the right ticket for adolescent girls who, to date, have been bombarded by love stories and baby-sitting mysteries. For anyone who has been concerned about the limited options and unrealistic body images available to girls, these books offer exhilarating alternatives. Put them at the top of your gift list for the favorite girl in your life who plays sports!
– Donna Lopiano, Ph.D., Executive Director, Women & Sports Foundation

Hey girls and boys! The Broadway Ballplayers is a slam dunk!
– Rick Telander, Columnist