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June 23, 2016

Coaches Who Keep It Real

Coaches Who Keep It Real

THROWBACK THURSDAY — This is a value-add article on advice from college coaches for ALL kids who loves sports and parents who are doing everything they can to support their kids’ dreams, keep it real AND also pay the mortgage. Remember only the top 1-3 percent of high school performers get to the next level of play.

I miss my days when we were just pursuing it for the love of it and for the ability to express who we were – passionate, driven, tough and singular in our thought. My thought process was that I needed a scholarship or else. Had I blown out my knee one month earlier, my life may have changed in a big way if offers disappeared from the table. However, maybe by then my sports experiences had given me enough moxie and drive to overcome an injury, a setback, a disappointment.

Please read this because it’s great advice from real people who are talking about the youth sports scene and beyond. They’re looking out for what’s in the best interest of kids and parents alike.

Thank you, Garry Munson, for this read.