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March 10, 2016

Considering Spring Team Play?

Considering Spring Team Play?

This Spring Team Play blog should help your understand the 1) goals of team training/play 2) the schedule for training/games 3) the expectations on attendance.  If the spring team option is too much, you can opt into individual workouts only and/or do the Boost/Skill weeknight training around a spring sport.

Then there is a link to all of the details on practice for each age group.

#1 GOALS of team training/play

a) To keep you local and consistent schedule wise (as possible)
b) To bring the competition to us in May-first week of June so we avoid being at the mercy of someone else’s tournament with no control of the schedule.
c) To train wise and smart in the off-season.  Anyone gaming up or playing more game hours to practice hours has bought into the more test and quizzes model, but not enough preparation and that would never fly in school.  April (4 weeks) of training – Fri, Sat and Sun options and May-early June (off Memorial Wknd) is four weekends of games during the weekend but not all games (see schedule).
d)  Boost for team players (Gr 4-6) is only $100 for spring.  Skills with Mo (Gr 7-12) on Wed night at Rodeph with Mo (or flexilbity to workout on other nights) is offered with X team training – $100 (8 sessions).  This means your child can have flexibility to train/play on Wed, Fri-Sun.  Any player who paid for winter boost training can take their $100 discount coupon and apply it to spring and get Boost for free.

#2  SCHEDULE of games

a)  We will ask all team players for spring to list all of their conflicts in May when we book games.
b)  We will try to keep the games as close to practice times as possible.  If you cannot make a practice slot, ask if there’s any flexibility to attend another that day.
c)  We will try our best to bring all teams to our gym space.  Worst case is we “travel” to Westchester or closer for one weekend of games on Sat or Sun – not both.

#3  EXPECTATIONS on attendance/level of play

a)  Friday night feels like an individual skills night with scrimmage time.  Sat and Sun – that is our preferred team time.  Boost (if you pick it) more individual skill time.  We train for four weeks, then hit games.  We are fair about playing time for those who attend and put in the effort.
b)  Level of Play – There is certainly plenty of competition nearby.  We will try to mix up the games so the kids are in with a range of competition.  Note the Mo’ Motion formula is to get the kids in over their heads a bit (in the future, they will be competing with older kids for spots on teams).
c)  Summer camps/homework – Ideally some of the kids will attend our Brearley camps.  In any case, we are going to provide simple homework to those who are putting in the time/effort by giving the players and parents a short list of drills they should seek to excel in by the time they return for fall.

Here are the links to the Spring Teams by grade with all schedule details.  Below it is a link to an article on AAU.

Boys Gr 4
Boys Gr 5-6
Boys Gr 7-8
Boys Gr 9-10

Girls Gr 3-4
Girls Gr 5-6
Girls Gr 7-8
Girls Gr 9-10


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