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May 13, 2016

Deliberate Practice for Busy People

Deliberate Practice for Busy People
FIRE UP FRIDAY! It’s been raining almost all day in New York. It’s one of those days you give up on trying to stay dry and presentable. I spent a good portion of the day traveling to and from a visit with a current seventh grade player who has agreed to The Mo’ Motion 250 Club this summer. I’m not sure how much room I gave him to say no.

The 250 Club this summer is the new wave of kids who are serious about making time to take their training seriously. Members of the Club appreciate, document and eat up deliberate practice. An extension of this is getting them to log their work to find out where they are spending their time, where they need to invest more time, what is working with regard to their diet and sleep, and what leads to the best results. The biggest takeaway for the kids who follow our program is their ability to self-regulate after the first year or two of the summer program.

The players are fired up because they know all of their training counts – from reps to skill work to conditioning and agility (in other sports) in addition to mobility/injury prevention and scrimmage/game time.

On the commute home from the visit with the new Mo’ 250 Club member, I read this article in The NY Times, “The Busy Person’s Lies.” It’s consistent with our approach that if you measure it, you can start to figure out what’s working and what’s not, along with what needs to stay and what needs to be cut. The story of a busy working mom shows that with the right amount of honesty, balance, intention and fun, you can, in fact, accomplish more than you think.