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April 2, 2016

Different City, Same Story

Different City, Same Story

SIMPLE SATURDAY – “Mo, it’s not just New York,” one coach told me. “Kids are playing more games than practicing everywhere in the US.”


The coaches here are also saying private trainers are great at treating that crazy ball-handling move or fancy drill that goes hand-in-hand with drive and chuck offenses, but that coach doesn’t know or teach anything about spacing, timing, position, ball movement. That coach is teaching me, me, me, me because private coach works for an hourly rate. Well, at least their thinking is consistent if nothing else.


So do we cater to the changing market (parents and kids) that doesn’t know any better? Do we keep giving the kids products laced with sugar (games) and me, me, me (private attention and ego stroking) because we know we’ll sell more product?


Or do you stay true to the core and keep serving up the most nutritious, healthful diet — one that lasts a lifetime?


Teach what you know works.
Stay the course.

Keep it honest.
College coaches can’t tell the prized recruit this or the AAU coach because they don’t want to say the wrong thing, but this is what they are telling me.