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November 12, 2014

Dress Code: Games, Practices, Boosts

Dress Code:  Games, Practices, Boosts

Here is the exact excerpt taken from our mandatory blog entitled, “Parents – Expectations:  Game to 21 (Common Questions).”

We also encourage your child to read our blog entitled, “Players – Expectations:  Best of 10 (Score a Perfect 10).”

[learn_more caption=”#9  What is the Dress Code for Practices/Games and Where To Get Apparel?”]

GEAR:  Mandatory mouth guards and knee pads for all team players Grade 4-10.  Why?  Crashing on floor and being slow to get up a) hurts and b) may cost you a game.  Why the mouth guards – my kid hates mouth guards?  Well, a) we know how much people pay for dental work and b) a mouth guard can help mitigate contact to the face or head. There isn’t a particular style or brand we recommend. You can generally find at Modell’s or online.

UNIFORMS/PRACTICE:  Mo’ Motion gear will be handed out by the second weekend (we always are at the mercy of UPS-this means it is usually the 2nd weekend).  A player/parent will be given extra gear so that coaches are not responsible for this task.

1st Mandatory Event Per Weekend:  Players are asked to wear their Mo’ Motion purple issued shirt and game shorts on the first day of mandatory team events during practice time (FRI or SAT) with game shorts (they are fine wearing them two days in row).

2nd Mandatory Event (Game or Practice) Per Weekend:  Wear full uniform including game shorts on the 2nd mandatory event (usually Sunday).

GAME DAY PROTOCOL:  We want everyone to match in practices and during games.  Players must wear the same color T-shirt under their jersey, meaning if you have a red/black Motion jersey, you must wear a red or black T-shirt under it or go without a T-shirt.  No wearing yellow under an orange uniform.  Orange under orange uniform and white under white uniform.  If you would like to order more gear (a second practice shirt or shorts), please contact the office or buy it through our store.

BOOST WORKOUTS:  Optional weeknight workouts have no Mo’ Motion apparel dress requirement.  If we are going to take photos or video, we will ask in advance for kids to wear Mo’ Motion gear.

IF YOU WANT EXTRA PRACTICE GEAR: Go to our main landing page on back-end registration process HERE and click on the STORE.  From there, you can see your options.  Sign-in to make additional purchases.

WATER BOTTLE:  Bring a full water bottle to every practice/game.  Bring two if needed.  Do not drink straight Gatorade or juice during practice.  Dilute your Gatorade or sports drink.  Reduce sugar significantly.  Hydrate and fuel with healthful foods before practice.[/learn_more]