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February 29, 2016

Eat Good Fats

Eat Good Fats

MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY – I am up going on a 24-hour project of re-building our GBA bracket from scratch due to the breaking in half of brackets and divisions. We want to make the end of the season fun and exciting for the kids and not put the kids in games that are a complete waste of time. The long hours of adjusting the divisions and brackets is a part of that effort. My software contact at (check it out) says that he’s never seen someone so organized, which made me feel great. Then he said this schedule is also one of the most difficult he’s ever seen, having worked one full week on it back in the fall. I told him that after doing the schedule on my own for years, I am glad it is not just me.

So how do I stay motivated? Two runs to the gym for light workouts – embarrassingly light compared to what I used to do to myself. No need to add more stress. Important to to get the eyes off a computer screen. Instead I have discovered Spotify (when do I start paying and how much), which I mix in with podcasts. I also make sure I am eating enough fat.

What is remarkable now is the time we are in with regard to the amount of knowledge we know about food and the body as an ecosystem, not an indestructible machine that should be pushed to every limit or starved because we can’t pull ourselves from our work. I’ll be able to focus for another 5-6 hours because I fueled all day with the right amounts of veggies, fats and I’m not going to lie – a little dark chocolate almond milk. What’s crazy is how much better I feel energy wise when I eat more fat and learn more and more about what works for me and what does not. There is so much information available to all of us for free on sustainable, practice programs for people to get from sick to well mostly on their own through proper nutrition, stress reduction and proper sleep. If doesn’t work, go a little deeper. If you put in the right information from food, the body can figure out what to do. The science of using fat and low glycemic food (sugar and starch) is powerful. I’m convinced Alzheimer’s is Type 3 Diabetes. I’m convinced that my mother’s diet as a nurse who took care of herself last and lived on donuts and coffee and eating on the run is what ruined her gut, which ate away at her brain. Her father had Parkinson’s because of the DDT he clapped over the cabbage as a farmer. He had Alzheimer’s at the end of his rough rode, not as a beginning. Not one of her father’s siblings had pre-senile dementia. So why did we let the doctors tell us that it’s genetic?

It’s because that’s a simple way to blame it on no one when the truth is that if you look inward, you can truly make a world of difference in your current life and future.

I’ll write more about this at a later date. For now it’s back to scheduling. If you want a good place to start, check out Dr. Mark Hyman, “Eat Fat and Get Thin.”