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June 24, 2016

First Class to Front Office Position

First Class to Front Office Position

FIRE UP FRIDAY – Here’s a photo of Skyler who was not feeling well at camp today, but she still wanted to work on her ball-handling skills. We made up a short series and took some photos so she would remember it.

I’ve known Sky since she was about five years old when I met her dad while shooting a production. I babysat her as I started Mo’ Motion. Sky remembers being in my windowless rented room at my sister’s place and seeing all the balls stacked in the corner. We had about 20-40 kids in the program. Now we have over 700 for this year.

Skyler’s parents signed her up to play in the earliest Mo’ Motion class. She did her best against girls 8 and up (and she says she has every shirt and jersey from every year in the program, which would make for a great quilt). I remember during one early workout, I passed her the ball and knocked her loose tooth that much looser. I jogged her to the bathroom, and we both stayed calm. I didn’t quite knock it out, but it was close. I asked her if she wanted me to pull it out and she said no. I said okay. I told her dad I was sorry, and he said, “I wish you’d knocked it out. It’s been loose for weeks.”

Fast-forward to seven years later. Sky, who was at camp all week, is vying to play high school hoops – maybe even varsity if she brings more ball-handling skills to the tryouts in November. She’s playing three sports these days, and investing her summer time into each of them. We ended the week of camp at the Mo’ Motion storage unit where Sky filled the Mo’ Motion staffing ranks by helping me sort, fold, organize, count, wash and dry. She did very well and is always value on any team.

Sky is lined up to help out in the office on a project-by-project basis and she said she’s looking for a babysitting job. I said I know the perfect mom who will need some support for her sister will be away for the next two weeks. Sky said win-win-win. Hoops plus paying job with Mo and paying job with Mo’s sister.

A good Friday for all.