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November 7, 2014

Fri Night Hoops – Girls 7-10 Winter Weeks #1-#5

Fri Night Hoops – Girls 7-10 Winter Weeks #1-#5

Review of Structure for Friday Night Hoops – Weeks #1-#5 Format

Attendance MUST be emailed to – for it affects playing time in games.

7:25-7:30 PM – overlap the END of Grades 5-6 workout with a drill that Girls 7-10 can do to warm-up.  Huddle first group – cheer.  Other group gets drink at 7:30 and we start.

7:30-7:40 PM – Immediate MOVES per basket – banana cut baseline for runner/pogo stick; wing attacks to spin moves or bumps; Top Spot attacks with nose for block; jump hooks, drop steps – EVERY GIRL has ball for REPS.

7:40-7:50 PM – Dynamic Warm-Up / ACL Injury Prevention / Core / Head & Neck – DRINK

7:50-8:10 PM – Level 1, Level 2 Shooting – maybe a little Level 3 for some.  A few can handle Levels 4-5 by END of workout (Second set of shooting).  Perfect mechanics.  Adjust each basket according to level.  Some kids need to trouble shoot at Level 1/2 for weeks.

8:10-8:20 PM – MORE SCORING – set up stations or partner scoring per basket – Mikan, Ball-handling, passing, rebounding – any station work to get them REPS, REPS, HANDLES and SKILL WORK.

8:20-8:30 PM – DANCE MOVES to MUSIC and/or YOGA FUN

8:30-8:35 PM – LIGHT CONDITIONING and FUN with or without the ball – team/group bonding/fun

8:35-8:50 PM – SHOOTING – partners ROUND 2!  Bump it up to next level ONLY if they’re ready or change the angle of the simple shot, close range. (Coaches Call from here on out – but note we definitely want a TEAM SPACING/MOVEMENT point of the night being reiterated)

8:50-9 PM – PASSING or HANDLING – something functional, fun and ball in hand entire time – they need reps, scoring reps, getting BY players.  OR YOU CAN JUMP TO COACHING POINT ON SPACING AND MOVEMENT (with less dribbling to no dribbling) and have them play at 9 p.m. for 15 minutes.

9-9:10 PM – COACHING POINT ON OFFENSE – Motion Offense into JERSEY vs 2-3 – setting up triangles and attacking in triangles, thinking like a chess player but not thinking TOO MUCH.  Overall, our kids need to open up the defense, find the hole and ATTACK by shooting it or driving and finding a gap on rebound.

9:15 PM – END OF PRACTICE at PS 75 – hard out at 9:15 p..m. – down stairs and out by 9:23 p.m. WHAT IS JERSEY OFFENSE?  Jenn and Mo know it – run the ball to corners, teach the opposite high post or guard to dive and sit, other girl hits the mid-post gap for J. MUST TAKE ATTENDANCE and REPORT IT BY EMAIL TO