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July 11, 2012

Powerful Ad Celebrates Title IX

Powerful Ad Celebrates Title IX

Gatorade’s KEEP HER IN THE GAME ad brings back memories of the power of the IF YOU LET ME PLAY series of ads by Nike back in the 1990s. Girls are now in the game – it’s all of our jobs to keep them on the court and playing fields. Below the video is more info on the video created to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX (passed on June 23, 1972).


Powerful work from TBWA/Chiat/Day for Gatorade celebrates the 40th anniversary of Title IX — but tells you that the work is far from finished. The ‘Keep Her in the Game’ campaign is based on the insight that while both boys and girls are equally active in sports from ages six to 12, girls’ participation rates are much higher after age 14.

There is no doubt that societal pressure to look “pretty” has a lot to do with it. Watch athletes transform into high-heel sporting, lipstick-wearing young women that shun sports in favor of looking “beautiful.”

One part of the campaign invited women to change their Facebook or Twitter profile pictures to them as a 14-year-old, with the line, “If I walked away then, I wouldn’t be here now.”