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February 21, 2020

GBA Playoffs: A Head’s Up!

GBA Playoffs:  A Head’s Up!

Parents of all Team Players Gr 2-9,

We are heading into Madness 2020!  Winners only advance, yet we have bonus weekends of fun and playtime added through Boost running March 12, and on Friday, March 13, we are doing an after-school event to celebrate the new hoops at Riverside Court/W 76th Street.


  1. We do not have PS 75 on Friday night due to end of winter break, but we are on Sat-Sun.
  2. If you would like to donate to our 75-team winter league, which makes games convenient for you (there are only a few options in the city for leagues and this is the best one in our estimation) while providing support for other teams in need, please do so here.  DONATE.  
  3. For this weekend, please make sure you have RSVP’d in the Sports Engine system.  Message the coaches if your child is out.  
  4.  Winners only advance unless your team is in a friendship bracket (C bracket) – they get one more next weekend.  We are likely to ask for uniform tops back only because most kids never wear them again and we hang on to what we can.  (Kids can keep them if they want.)  We re-order more next year, too.
  5.  March bonus time.  I will be staying in the city and using PS 75 throughout March in the evenings Tues-Fri and part of Sat/Sun.  Email me if you would like your child to be on the email about bonus March time and we’ll get details to you.
  6. SPRING Boost, Weekend Only, Team Train and Play – starts March 31.  MORE INFO.
  7.  Friday, March 13 – 3:45-5:15pm (weather permitting), we hope to end our winter season outside shooting hoops at Riverside Park W 76th Street to celebrate season 10 and the new hoops at the park.  We will email again for signup.
  8. Parent Survey for Team Play – CLICK here if you want to leave your name or not on the survey after this weekend.
  9. Mo’ Motion Day in BK with the Brooklyn Nets!  Sunday, April 5 – click here to sign up!
  10. ACL Injury Prevention Pointers – here’s our blog, written by a mom of an athlete who recently blew out his ACL.
  11. Summer Camp recommendations for girls and boys.  We are putting together blogs that we hope you will find useful.  We have our camps in June and August and we recommend other camps in the area or within driving distance.

Thank you for your time and support.