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January 29, 2011

Good Reads for Parents

Good Reads for Parents

Here are the links to the articles and research we referenced during Mo’ Motion’s annual parent meetings, regarding why kids play sports (to have fun, to be with friends, to learn). We also covered realistic parent expectations on attitude and effort over performance,

according to the elements of what Motion coaches believe is the formula for long-term success and happiness in life.

Parents of serious female athletes must read WARRIOR GIRLS by Michael Sokolov and all parents of kids who are considering specialization of any one sport should read UNTIL IT HURTS by Mark Hyman.

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Other good reads:

NYT: “Survey Says For Kids Winning Isn’t The Only Thing”

NYT: “Should I Go to All My Child’s Games?”

NYT: “Vigorous Exercise Linked To Better Grades”



Wired Science: “How to Raise a Superstar”