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July 15, 2014

Grade K-2/3 – Sat/Sun – FALL Skills, Drill & Play

Grade K-2/3 – Sat/Sun – FALL Skills, Drill & Play

Fall Skills, Drills & Play – Rigorous and fun workouts emphasize best effort, body control, listening skills, dribbling without traveling, heads up, passing with good spacing and layup form. Conditioning is a big part of every Mo’ Motion workout. Scrimmage time falls at the end of each workout. Kids shoot, drill and play on hoops that are adjusted for their age, height and point of development.
Coaches are former college and pro players, teachers and outstanding motivators.
If your child is new to basketball: please let us know and we

will be sure to find the right fit age/gender/grade wise on Saturday or Sunday a.m. for we know how important it is to have a positive and confidence-filled first hoops experience. If you are concerned about skill level of class, please read below the following links for common areas of concern.
For schedules and breakdowns by age/grade click HERE

Note: Grade 3 boys and girls are eligible for weeknight BOOST sessions that are quite popular.
Fall Season: September 13, 2014 – November 2, 2014. Off for Columbus Day Weekend.
Mixing girls and boys is not an issue at this age/grade. Why? If we see that a child is much better than others, we find the right fit (male or female). Generally speaking, subjective parents who get caught up in “moving up” kids or boys only or girls only workouts miss boat on critical cognitive, social and physical development. We do move kids one grade or level higher ONLY IF the child is putting in time, work, effort and needs to be with an older group or with a more serious group to further his or her promising development and commitment to improving. Parents also tend to lose sight of why kids play sports. A study written up in the NY Times revealed that up until grade 8, kids play sports for these reasons – to be with their friends, to have fun and to get better.
The only exceptions on gender is if there is only one girl or one boy in a class with rest of class being opposite gender. In these rare cases, we reach out to parents ahead of time. If you are concerned that your child is not up to par, the best approach is to let us know that your child is 1) a little nervous and 2) that you totally believe in our outstanding staff so much that you are happy to drop your child off and step out of the gym so that we can work our magic. When parents let us do our jobs and stay out of sight, the child focuses on tasks at hand and has no one to blame. By the end of the workout and after a series of workouts, you will be amazed at how much your child accomplished on his or her own – the BEST way to build self-confidence.
850by850 Gr K-3