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December 5, 2019

Gym Managers – Update

Gym Managers – Update
Hi Gym Managers/Score & Clock Keepers,
Thank you for everything! Without all of you being on top of this stuff below the league would not function as well as it has. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
Please be advised that you are currently a gym manager, book or clock keeper for Gotham Basketball’s 2014 season. The schedule is attached.
As the appointed Gym Manager, your responsibilities include the below as well as filling out the attached sheet and e-mailing it to the office at the end of each game day: 
  • Setting up the gym if you are the opening manager
    • Setting up the scorers table and scoreboard
    • Setting up benches for both teams
  • Ensuring the area is safe, secure and clean
  • Schedule lists clock and book keepers for each game. If game does not have coverage it is up to assigned gym manager to ask for help from parent.
  • Reporting Scores of each game you oversee
  • Make Refs aware of that day’s gym schedule
  • Report and late or missing referees
  • Reminding refs and parents that games must be kept on schedule
  • Any game that may run over our permit time, must be called or set to a shorter running time.
  • Clearing up the gym if you are a closing manager
    • Ensure all garbage is cleared from the gym
    • Ensure all equipment is locked away and secure before leaving the gym
Reminder on Table rules
  • No talking to officials or coaches unless asked question in regards to game. Ex: How many fouls? How many time outs?
  • Be sure to fully fill out score sheet with FULL TEAM NAME, DATE, SCORE and LOCATION OF GAME PLAYED.
  • Send RYAN SCORES when game is finished
  • If you are on twitter TWEET SCORES @GothamHoopsNYC
Thank you again for everything. Any questions please let me know.
Ryan Keeler
Head of Coaching
Mo’ Motion Inc.