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December 1, 2015

Healthful Family Eating Tip: Preparation

Healthful Family Eating Tip: Preparation

By Elisa Haggarty, Functional Nutritionist and Sugar Expert


When I think my school days growing up in New Jersey, I always remember the homemade lunches my mother prepared for me and my six siblings.


Yes, six siblings.


My mom didn’t have access to Pinterest, foodie blogs, or have a tight-knit circle of friends to rely upon for lunch inspiration. My mom got it done by always preparing ahead of time.


She knew how hectic it would be to get all of us up and ready for school so the night before she would go in to the kitchen and begin making and assembling our lunches, one by one. They weren’t always the most nutritionally dense meals, but they were made with love and we never went hungry.


Quite simply, there is no getting around preparation. Spending ten minutes the night before a business trip or school preparing your lunch and snacks helps empower you and your children to make better choices the next day.


When assembling a lunch, one that will nourish the brain for sharp decision-making and stable energy levels, make sure to include


  • healthy fats
  • protein
  • fiber


This simply mantra of “fat, fiber and protein” will help keep blood sugar levels stable and provide enough variety from a culinary perspective to keep things exciting and interesting.


Some of my favorite “go to” recipes for breakfast are:


All three of these recipes can be made ahead of time and they enhance mental acuity throughout the day. Try new foods each week and always prepare ahead of time.

Superfood Chia Porridge

Sweet Potato Kale Frittata

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