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February 2, 2018

How to Run A Parent Challenge

How to Run A Parent Challenge

Hi Coaches,

MOST IMPORTANT!  Everyone MUST get the releases signed by EVERY PARENT/GUEST (child, family relative guests) – every parent or guest MUST sign and not cross anything out or they cannot play.  (See link at the end of this blog for waiver.)

Parent Challenges are best done in 90 minutes – no longer – because risk of injury goes up.

Basically you put the parents through the paces as you would the kids, then you want to add some coaching pointers and fun games, then you build into a side hoops half-court tournament depending on numbers (4 side hoops – good 4-on-4 if place is packed) or you can go full ONLY if one team is waiting.  You want winners to play winners, losers v losers.  Nobody wins/loses per se … just a fun time for the parents/kids to play for about 20-25 minutes MAX.
We like the parents and kids to team up, but sometimes there’s an odd parent or kid out, so you just adjust that kid/parent to separate then reunite.
Some ideas that you’ll see me do to keep everyone sweating and moving throughout, but not too hard (warm them up slowly, push a short time, fun drill, water break!):
• Dynamic warm-up – light sweat, stretch them, move to handles
• Dribbling drills (no lines) – with partner down and back, make it fun, a race of some sort.
•  Lay-up contests – game to 10 – put the kids with their parents and watch how mad the kids get.
• Passing lines – RR track passing – games to 25 with all of our footwork and proper hand passing – no drops, first team to 25
• Maybe a weave or a fighter jet 3-5 player break – rebounder, outlet, wing – if space permits
• Maybe 3-on-2 to easy 2-on-1 if space permits
• A lesson on the Motion Offense – good spacing vs. bad spacing
***Add a dribble restriction
If bigger groups – it’s all about space and partner and ball management.
Maybe 3-5 per hoop working on 1 player doing MIKAN, other player doing core, next player doing handles, next player doing mobility or push-ups – so everyone is getting a nice workout.
If numbers allow, you can put the workout together for 2-4 parents/players per basket and say these are a series of drills you can work on if you’re out shooting and want to do skill work and make it fun.  Show the drill, enforce the details, then make it a game at slow, medium or full game speed.
SET UP A MINI-TOURNAMENT – 3-on-3 teams or 4-on-4 where you mix kids and adults, but do it so teams can match up appropriately.  Play half-court or side courts.  Play for 6-8 minutes and then have winners play winners, losers losers or mix in games.  Time the tournament to be 20-30 minutes.
Watch the clock because this piece can go short or long depending on gym space/time – leave about 20-30 max to do 8 minute games.
If any parents are getting too into it, slow them down, SUB THEM OUT.  Make sure they’re warmed up and easing into it.

DONATIONS:  If anyone gives you a check, please take it and relay to the office via Mo. 

Preference is to donate online or mail in the check, but some folks want to just give it on the spot and we do need it to support our overhead and community service programs.

MOST IMPORTANT!  Everyone MUST get the releases signed by EVERY PARENT/GUEST – every parent or guest MUST sign and not cross anything out or they cannot play.