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November 12, 2014

Injuries & Illnesses: When to Attend Practice & When to Stay Home

Injuries & Illnesses:  When to Attend Practice & When to Stay Home

Here is the exact excerpt taken from our blog entitled, “Parents – Expectations:  Game to 21 (Common Questions).”

We also recommend that all players read our blog entitled, “Players – Expectations:  Best of 10 (Score a Perfect 10).

[learn_more caption=”#12  If My Child is Ill or Injured, Does He/She Still Have to Go to Practice?”]

If your child plans on returning to action, then in most cases YES.  But it depends on the timing, severity and location of the injury.  Read here for our blog on the #1 injury – BROKEN FINGERS.  If it’s a lower limb injury that is still in the acute state (a sprained ankle, stress fracture or fracture), then you may want to back off of one weekend or practice, but note that if the player is going to be activated soon, attendance still does count even if a player is sitting, watching, assisting.  If a child is sick and contagious (beyond a runny nose/sinus issues where sweating can sometimes help), or there is a bad head injury or very bad lower limb injury, then practice is a NO GO.  But if there is room for the child to watch, or in cases of broken fingers (you can actually play with most breaks – with right brace protecting it – but your doc won’t tell you this) – do your best to send your child in and the coach will know to modify.  Squeaky knees (growing pains), Osgood-Schlatter, Severs, plantar fasciitis – we’ve seen and/or experienced all these injuries – and staff is expected to modify around the pain.  Note that any player coming back from a serious injury and/or surgery – you must pass the doc’s OK before returning and you want to email for more instructions on cautionary actions as the player eases back in (so you avoid setting up another injury).  If you need advice beyond modifications and good judgment, email the office.  Again, light sinus infection, runny nose, small breaks in fingers and/or knee pain – our reasonable requests are to attend and modify.  Broken foot, contagious illness (feeling awful in entire body) or head injury in acute state – practice is a no go.[/learn_more]