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July 29, 2015

Jump Shot Analysis by Mo’ Motion

Jump Shot Analysis by Mo’ Motion


Former All-Big Ten Basketball Player Maureen Holohan has excelled in using the video camera to help young basketball players recognize their mechanical issues and correct their form over time. After diagnosing the mechanical weaknesses, Maureen puts together a series of drills customized for each player. Drills can be done in a gym, at home and in front of the mirror. Players can opt to work remotely with Mo (via video submissions) or in person.

For the best results, this process can take 4 weeks to 3-6 months depending on the players mechanics, age, strength and willingness to train properly.

See below for samples of before and after footage with players who have worked on their jumpshot through Mo’s Analysis System.

Cost for Virtual Analysis & Correction Drills Only (3 submissions over 4-6 weeks): $750

Cost for Virtual Analysis & Correction Drills along with 5 sessions with Mo on a basket: $1500

Email if you are interested in starting the program.

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