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October 2, 2014

J-Shot Tune-Ups on YOU TUBE

J-Shot Tune-Ups on YOU TUBE

Over 150 Customized Videos

Hello Players and Parents,

If you have received an email from Mo with a link to this blog, it means that we’ve completed your child’s video “Jump-Shot Tune-Up” on Mo’ Motion’s You Tube Channel.  (If you have not received the link or email, please read “How to Submit Your J-Sample.”)

Mo’ Motion Customized Jump Shot Tune-Ups are customized for boys and girls grades 5 and up who have signed up for FALL WEEKEND workouts and/or FALL-WINTER Team play (Grades 5 and up) as well as premium training packages with Mo and Ryan.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO PLAYERS:  By the end of our fall-winter season, we are going to select “Most Improved Shooters” from each division.  We will line up their before shots to their 6-months later images and with great pride show everyone in all of Manhattan the result of hard work, deliberate practice and discipline.  We serve up a strict shooting diet.  Those who buy into it experience outstanding results as proven by some of our high school shooters (Sophie G, Zach L, David G, Maggy G, Souley).

In the (optional) fall workouts, players are being taught drills that they can do at practice and at home to improve shooting mechanics.  We are also working weekly on improving our footwork, stance, balance and strength in areas that support the jump shot.  These drills are physical, emotional and mental (in mirror, off-the-hoop, within a yoga pose).  They can be done in our workouts and on their own either on a hoop or in their homes or basements.  The players who make the most progress avoid the most common mistake, which is thinking that the ball going in the basket means they are doing it right.   The BEST shooters understand each part of the jump shot and master the mechanics over time.  The BEST shooters know what a great shot feets like – and there is little to no power or force or muscling involved in what should be a very still action.  The BEST shooters know that on a good night they can shoot 45-65 percent, meaning they have to be OK mentally and emotionally with missing 35-55 percent of their shots (and still stay the course).

If you’ve received the email saying your/your child’s video is posted, please click through to:

Mo’ Motion “Jump Shot Tune-Ups” on You Tube

and go under PLAYLISTS to find your gender and grade division.

If your child needs to submit a sample, please read this “How to Submit” blog.

We hope that our example of extra effort and commitment to EVERY player in our program will be taken seriously by the kids.  It would be nothing short of awesome to see the majority of our players consistently following our example by practicing our simple drills that we do and re-do and master then elevate to another level (only return to the most basic form drills – as all the great shooters do.)  Learning a jump shot takes many years of development as bodies grow and change.  It’s a mechanical process where parts are connected through rigorous, rote and disciplined practice.  Some people want instant results.  We want kids to understand it’s a process and we are here to support.


Mo’ Motion Staff