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March 11, 2016

Love the Details

Love the Details

FIRE-UP FRIDAY – Three reasons to be fired up this Friday:

#1) In episode #3 of the Mo’ Motion podcast (now on itunes), Katie Smith, the all-time leading scorer in WNBA history, said that her attention to detail and consistent investment in proper preparation were keys to her success. Katie also said that almost everything you need to know can be taught by sixth grade (or close), which is something I’ve been telling our kids for years. One of those kids is David Goldman, who did a demo in grade six over at Allen Stevenson (you never forget these details when you are obsessed with them). The demo was based on my college workout footwork, attack, and close-range shooting drill.   David nailed every drill.

#2) David Goldman, now a junior at Riverdale, is our latest spotlight story (read it here). David emailed me and said he wanted to get under the hood on his shot mechanics. I saw David on Wednesday night, and we broke it all down and started the perfect re-build of his shot, which had started to change too much with his growing body. We identified specific mobility exercises and areas to focus on. We added the first few basic jumping exercises, but didn’t push the jumping for the body still needs time to recover from winter. The priority right now is getting his mechanics back in proper alignment with his improved strength, and greasing the perfect groove of his shot.

#3) Peter Everett, a grade nine student at Buckley, just got into almost every private boarding school he applied to (wait-listed at one). Pete played for us starting in grade six. He was so attentive and hard-working that we put him on the X team in grade 7. Pete didn’t just “do” drills. He understood every part of the drill and why we were doing it. We also hired Pete to work in the office this past summer. Whenever I need a demo on the court or an answer in the office, and I don’t feel it’s worth risking injury, I yell, “Where’s Pete?” In the gym, I typically call out a college move or drill, and Pete does it.   How? A few summers ago, we offered an optional log of workouts on a shared google document. Between our camp and several other camps, and along with clinics and training on their own, both David and Pete logged over 260 training hours.

This is just more proof that what the great Katie Smith said is exactly right.   Prepare, be detail-oriented and take great pride in your work ethic.   Players are built in the off-season.   Enjoy your post-season rest then map your plan. Instead of hoping your coach will do it for you, get under the hood and fix what you need to fix. Understand why, when, and how the car drives the best. Nobody should care more about your game and your personal development than you.