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June 14, 2016

The Magic of Summer Camps

The Magic of Summer Camps
TEAM TUESDAY – Just want to say thank you to the team – this includes players ranging from our four-year-old Phoebe aka “Phoebs, the one with magical powers”, to the three boys from the Bronx, to our Horace Mann student, to our prep school kid who is starting his new jumping program. Our new jumper had one coach with all eyes on his form, while Phoebe danced and peeked around the curtain at him, wondering what he was doing, and if she could do it.
I’d also like to thank our coaches – from a passionate nutritionist, Elisa Haggarty, to a total pro player/coach in Andy Robinson to Marquis, a security agent, to the high school boys who are holding down our camp. And we cannot forget Geri, who is the nicest guy around up until the point the ball is checked. He shows our kids a total transformation from a good guy to a champion who loves to fight the good fight.
Over the next two weeks, we are creatively working in consistent, measurable training, yoga, boxing, videos on jump shots, reps, dodgeball and more fun for people big, medium, little and mini. (The nephew, age 3, the niece, age 1 this week, and school friends are coming in so we can use them as little guinea pigs for our Mini-Mo curriculum this week.) A friend who represents pro players may use a bucket during the slower hours to invite in a few NBA guys. We’re all making it work with curtains and hoops, creativity and the right attitude. We have kids who play all the time, kids who are playing for the first time, and kids who are not messing around about their Mo’ Motion 250 Club hours this summer.
And they’re all working hard, training, smiling and laughing, especially when a few of our girls show up the boys (which happened to Jader, who is not smiling in the photo far left for the first time all day). The more things change, the more they stay the same. It’s summer. It’s hoops and fun time. We are all grateful. #earnit #loveit Mo’ Motion Basketball & Training