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January 30, 2020

Marymount GYM on E 97th not the school

Marymount GYM on E 97th not the school

Gym (not school in this case):  Marymount on E 97th

Address:  116 E. 97th Street (see photo)

Security: Felix – he will be sitting at the desk when you arrive.

Emergency Exits:  Main doors in the lobby and the middle doors in the gym that face the street.

Bathrooms:  In the gym itself – far corner “restroom.”

Equipment:  Felix has our balls in ONE ball bag – 8 of them plus pinneys, cones, first aid.  He will give you the bag and he will take it end of session to stow at the school.  Kids should be bringing their own ball to this gym (BYOB).  These balls are extras.  Please make sure no kids leave their basketballs in the gym because anything that cannot fit into the bag is not allowed to stay in the gym.

**Practice must start ON TIME when the coach gets to the gym. 
Parents must not arrive early and enter without a coach. 
Kids are to wait in the lobby until a Motion coach has arrived.

(This winter, practices are being adjusted to 1:45PM – 3:45PM – a hard start, a hard OUT meaning the last huddle is at 3:45pm and the girls/boys have FIVE minutes to exit the gym.  Staff needs to exit at 4pm not be waiting on kids.  It’s called buffer time.  We need to make sure security leaves the building at 4pm per our contract.)


  • AVOID THE MIDDLE DOORS.  Stay away from the middle doors that lead to the street.  Direct all lines away from this door.  No kids leaning on the door (fire exit and security risk).  There should be cones outside of the doors to remind kids not to lean on the doors at all.  If the girls do not listen, then run them until they do.  It will work.  We must follow the building’s rules and this is a key one for safety reasons.
  • CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS on start/end policy:  Parents/kids need to know the rules on arrival and out time.  They must hustle into the gym, hustle on the exit and respect everyone’s time.
  • Coaches must clean up all garbage (ask the kids to help) on the close.  No garbage, no extra gear.
  • If a player forgets a ball, give it to a friend, and then message the parent to pick it up from the home of the child who has it.
  • Balls go back to Felix.  Email Mo if we are missing anything.
  • No pets allowed at all in the building.