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February 16, 2016

Meet Robin Williams: On Basketball, Bowties & Business

Meet Robin Williams:  On Basketball, Bowties & Business

TEAM TUEDSAY: This week we are giving a shout out to Bronx native Robin Williams. When Robin isn’t coaching for us or helping in the front office, she’s off to auditions and/or working on her budding Bowtie Behavior business. Robin, a college ballplayer turned model, actress and entrepreneur, excelled in soccer and basketball at Mount Saint Ursula Academy. Robin then played ball at The University of DC where she majored in mass media and journalism (’08). Robin then received her master’s in sports management at Georgetown University.


In July 2014, Robin needed a bow tie to wear to her best friend’s black-tie themed bridal shower. She could not find one that was both affordable and fit her personal style so she made her own. Everyone loved it, so she continued making more bow ties and pursuing a career where she can apply her consistent work ethic, passion and eye for fashion and design.


MO: Tell us about your high school basketball career and any other sports you played.


RW: In high school I played basketball all four years. I played for two years on varsity as a forward, and started both years. I played soccer my senior year and received MVP honors. I played AAU ball for Riverside Church’s travel squad.


MO: How would you describe your college basketball experience?


RW: My college basketball experience was great. Playing for a small school was the perfect move for me because being apart of the family atmosphere helped me develop and grow as a player and a young woman. The coaching staff was approachable and willing to actually teach the game instead of relying on players’ athleticism. I started all three years and was a captain for two. I played the shooting guard position.


MO: What was one of your best basketball moments?


RW: My best and maybe most memorable basketball moment was scoring 20 points on my 19th birthday at the University of Alaska Anchorage. It wasn’t my career high in points, but being in Alaska was amazing.


MO: How has sports helped shape who you are today?


RW: Basketball has helped shape who I am today because it is what kept me busy and out of trouble since I was young. Sports are what kept me focused in school and what gave me the opportunity to receive an undergraduate degree. Sports have allowed me to travel to places in the U.S. and abroad that I may have never gone to on my own.


MO: What’s interesting is that you are pursuing your passion for acting, while coaching for us, and you are pursuing a career as an entrepreneur. I love to see people actively creating options that build their skills and personal growth. What do you love about acting?


RW: I love acting because it allows me to become someone else for a period of time. Acting is a new challenge for me and I am always learning and trying to get better every day.


MO: What have been your highlights as an actor?


RW: My favorite moment was filming a TV ad for this past October. It was filmed in California and I was able to play the character of myself, a small business owner.


MO: What do you love about coaching?


RW: I love to see the growth and improvement in my players. I also love seeing my own experiences as a player reflected in my coaching style.


MO: What do you love about running your own business?


RW: What I love about running my own business is that I am my own boss and although stressful at times, the end result makes it all worth it. Being self-taught, it is always a pleasure to see customers respond to my pieces and get excited about the work that I do. It is the greatest feeling in the world.


MO: Tell us the history of your bow tie business.


RW: I started my company Bowtie Behavior back in July 2014. I needed a bow tie to wear to my best friend’s black tie themed bridal shower and I could not find one that was both affordable and fit my personal style so I made my own. Everyone loved it so I continued, and the rest is history.


MO: What’s a typical week like for you work wise?


RW: A typical week consists of organizing new orders and scheduling production times. I make each bow tie myself so I have to stick to a tight schedule, usually about 5+ hours are spent daily in production. About twice per week I send out all my shipments and update my website and inventory. I also visit the fabric store once per week to restock on fabric, get ideas for new styles, and swatch fabrics for custom orders. In between time is spent searching for vending events and doing social media marketing.


MO: What is one of your weaknesses as an entrepreneur?


RW: Not allowing myself to take breaks. I’m gradually doing a better job of not working myself to death. I am also very hard on myself and critical of my work.


MO: Your strengths?


RW: I am super organized, driven, and proactive. If there is something that I want done, I somehow find a way to make it happen.


MO: What are the best ways for you to handle stress and where do you find inner peace?


RW: The best way I handle stress is by taking time out of my day to breathe even if it’s just for five minutes before I get out of bed. I also have started giving myself a daily cut off time for answering emails and dealing with customers. As a business owner you have to work well past (and before) business hours, but having some sort of cut off time helps a lot. I also love to work out and doing modeling/acting gigs gives me a good break from things while also allowing me time to network.


MO: What are your short-term goals and long term-goals?


RW: My short-term goals are to find a warehouse to help with the production of my bow ties. I also want to find an investor pretty soon. My long-term goals are to get a store front and/or get Bowtie Behavior pieces into department stores and boutiques around the country.


MO: We are always happy to promote those current and former ballplayers who are getting after it on and off the court. Where can we find you and your bow ties?


RW: Bowtie Behavior Instagram- @bowtie_behavior; Twitter- @bowtie_behavior; Facebook- Bowtie Behavior


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Bowtie Behavior/ TV Ad:

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