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March 23, 2018

Mo’ Motion Alum Makes Div I Commitment

Mo’ Motion Alum Makes Div I Commitment

Congrats to Zach Light for his commitment to play Division I basketball at Colgate University. Zach started with Mo’ Motion in grades 4-8 as a team player before he figured out how to navigate the crazy world of NYC hoops. Zach transferred from Riverdale to Northfield Mount Hermon, where he ended up playing with the best players in the country.

Zach was the eighth out of eight seniors to sign to play Division I this year alone. Yes, eight players on Zach’s high school/prep team are playing DI. Zach was part of our 250 Club (250 hours per summer) in grade 8 and basically every summer since. (We stopped counting.) All the coaches who worked with Zach are happy for him simply because he is a great teammate who got out of his comfort zone and did the work.