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November 18, 2015

Mo’ Motion’s Concussion Policy

Mo’ Motion’s Concussion Policy

Mo’ Motion is including in its emergency action plan starting in November 2015 the protocol for handling concussions.

•  Helmets (football) or headbands (soccer) are not required for basketball.  Mo’ Motion does believe that mouth guards can help mitigate damage in cases of body-head collisions and hits to the floor.  Mo’ Motion also mandates knee pads as a preventive measure.

•  Coaches are told to immediately remove from practice or a game a player who appears to have suffered a head injury or a concussion.

•  Mo’ Motion coaches, parents and staff are expected to review this Concussion Prevention website.  This site provides fact sheets for coaches, parents and athletes as well as a clipboard with concussion facts.

• Mo’ Motion enforces a return-to-play policy.  This policy requires any player who has sustained a head injury or who is suspected of having sustained a head injury to:

  1.  Visit a licensed health care professional for evaluation and clearance, AND
  2. Sign (for youth players, have parent/legal guardian sign) a head injury information/awareness sheet before returning to practice or game play.