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November 19, 2014

Mo’ Yoga Set 3: Full Body Flow

Mo’ Yoga Set 3:  Full Body Flow

Mo’ Yoga Set 3:  Full-Body Flow

Do 3-5 sets to warm up the entire body.  Start standing at the top of the mat, feet together, hands by sides, palms facing up to keep shoulders open (mountain pose).  Inhale, reach arms overhead, bring hands to touch, look to thumbs.  Exhale, swam dive the arms open and forward.  Fold over the legs, bringing the face towards shins, hands reach to touch the floor (bend knees as needed).  Look between legs or to belly button to let the head and neck relax completely.  Inhale, straighten legs and lift chest to a flat back, hands press to shins, look forward & roll shoulders back and down away from ears.  Exhale, repeat forward fold, face towards shins, hands reach to touch the floor (bend knees as needed), look between legs or to belly button to let the head and neck relax completely.  Inhale, press down into feet, reverse swan dive to lift arms back overhead coming up to stand, lengthening the sides of the waist the entire way to the top, bringing hands to touch overhead, look to thumbs.  Exhale brings hands to touch at the center of the chest, pressing palms into each other.  Repeat for 3-5 sets.  At the end of the final set, come into a forward fold and walk hands out coming into plank pose.


From plank pose/high push-up, tap both knees down coming onto all fours, table top position, toes tucked.  Extend right leg back towards back of mat, tucking toes and pressing back through the right heel to stretch out the calf and lengthen back of the knee. Push floor away with hands shoulder distance apart.  Hold for three breaths then return to table top position.  Switch legs and repeat on left side.  From Table Top Position, reach both legs back towards back of mat, feet hip distance apart, coming into plank pose/high push-up. Push back through both heels evenly, hands are shoulder distance apart, push the floor away with hands, engage the chest and the core.  Hold for three breaths.  From plank pose, lift the hips up and back for downward facing dog pose.


From downward facing dog pose, step the right foot forward between the hands, step the back foot in and ground the outside of the back left foot down (heel down), toes face forward at a 45-degree angle.  Align front foot heel with back foot arch.  Bend the front right knee until the knee is over the ankle at 90 degrees.  Flex both arms overhead shoulder width, reaching through the fingers, look forward or to thumbs. Hold for three breaths


From warrior 1 pose, clasp hands together at low back, reach hands back and down towards heels to drop shoulders away from ears and open chest. Players with extremely tight shoulders can grab opposite elbows or forearms if they cant clasp hands.  Forward fold as you keep reaching arms back and overhead lowering the top of the head down towards the floor while bringing the right shoulder to the inside of the right thigh to stretch out the shoulders and the hips. Keep right knee bent at 90 degrees.  Look down to back foot or to belly button to let the head and neck relax, hold for 3-5 breaths to open shoulders and hips then release hands, lift chest and return to Warrior I Pose, arms reaching overhead shoulder distance apart.


From Warrior I Pose, open hips a bit wider bringing back foot parallel to mat or slightly turned in about 10 degrees, right foot stays facing forward and align the heel of the front foot with the arch of the back foot.  Keep right knee bent over right ankle 90 degrees.  Extend arms out into a T position reaching front arm forward and back arm back directly aligned with the shoulders and look forward to the front hand. Hold for three breaths to strengthen shoulders and thighs, activate core strength.


From Warrior II pose, cartwheel hands down to the floor to the inside of the front right foot and pivot on the back toes so both feet face forward coming into a low lunge pose.  Start to move the right foot out towards the side of the mat to open the hips and lower the forearms down to the floor or onto a block.  Lift chest and reach forward with top of head to avoid hunching over as you press back through right heel (a tug of war with body) to lengthen and stretch from head to heel.  Modify by tapping the back knee down and placing forearms onto blocks or keeping arms straight with hands pressing flat into the floor.  Repeat poses 3-6 on left side and/or add next:


Tap back left knee down to floor, bend the knee, reach for the outside edge of back left foot with the opposite hand and gently lunge deeper forward for a deep quad stretch. Keep right shoulder and chest open as you lunge forward.  (For the deepest stretch, keep left forearm on the floor. To modify, use a block under forearm, or straighten left arm to back off stretch.)  Hold for 3-5 breaths.  Gently release hold of the foot and come to downward facing dog pose to reset and set up for sequence on the left side.


Repeat poses 3-6 on left side.


From lizard pose on the left side, drop both forearms onto the floor shoulder distance apart and step left foot back to meet the right foot, feet hip distance apart, coming into a forearm plank position.  Position shoulders over elbows, push down into floor with forearms, reach heels back, and lengthen head and torso forward keeping body very straight and strong- No peaks or valleys by dipping or rounding the hips or shoulders.  Strongly engage thighs and abs by drawing them in and up.  Relax neck and head by looking down between forearms and keep shoulders rolled back and down away from ears.  Hold 3-5 breaths to strengthen core and shoulders, then lower down onto stomach and rest forehead on hands or turn head to one side, gently rocking hips side to side to release the low back and to rest.


Lie on back, bend knees, place bottom of feet on floor hip-width apart.  Reach fingertips towards backs of heels and scoot feet towards hands until the middle finger touches the back of the heels for proper alignment.  Press down into feet and hands and make sure to keep knees over ankles as you lift the hips up coming high onto shoulders.  Interlace fingers under the hips and press hands down into the mat as you continue to lift hips coming higher onto the shoulders for deeper chest and shoulder opening.  Keep neck relaxed, hold for 3-5 breaths.  Release interlacing of the hands and place hands by sides as you slowly lower the upper back, middle back, lower back, bringing entire spine back down onto the mat.  Hug your knees into the chest and rock side to side to release and neutralize the spine.


Bring your mat against the wall, sit down on the floor with one hip and same shoulder directly against the wall, then come to lie down on your opposite arm and side body on the mat and scoot your tail all the way up against the wall.  Turn onto your back and walk both legs up the wall resting your heels against the wall.  Let your hands rest by your sides or place hands on your belly as you close your eyes coming into final rest and relaxation.  Rest here at least 3-5 minutes. Bend knees and press bottom of feet into wall, roll onto one side, resting your head on your arm.  Use your hands to press yourself up to a comfortable seat with your back against the wall. Brings hands together at the center of your chest and sit up tall.


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