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May 7, 2016

New Game, New Opportunity

SIMPLE SATURDAY – We played player-to-player defense all afternoon even with five kids on one team. We ran a free Motion offense where we had most of our kids facing the hoop for most of the game instead of forcing a kid who isn’t going to be big to play down low or at the high post for the entire game as the other teams did. We ran out-of-bounds plays and went on the attack with the fighter-jet break.

On the white team grades 5-6, shown above, we only had five players. Two of them were in hot water last week. One boy heard it from me after agreeing that he only plays 50 percent. The other boy looked down and out after I called him out for playing according to his own agenda with no regard for what we are trying to do as a team. I emailed his mother this week to let her know that I was trying to get him on the right page. She said she sees it all and is fully in support of our being honest with him.

The boy who was playing at 50 percent went at 100 percent today. The boy who was just running around with low IQ last week kept his cool, took what he was given and put together a nice game start to finish. I had two $5 gift cards to 16 Handles, so I awarded them to both of these kids today after the game.

The kids, games and day were not perfect, of course. We lost one out of five games by a handful of points after going down early. The Boys Gr 7 White team didn’t start out aggressive at all and they missed a ton of shots early due to lack of focus. They disappointed us due to lack of effort in the first half, which put them in a hole they couldn’t quite get out of even after a nice run. They heard it from me and from Coach Justin after the game. They accepted it.

We will tell Boys Gr 7 White to handle it as Boys Gr 5-6 White did after losing last week to the same group (and winning this week by a wide margin). We’ll remind them that tomorrow is a new day, a new game, a new opportunity to start over and get it right.