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November 14, 2014

Offensive Philosophy

Offensive Philosophy

Basic Principles for Mo Motion Offense:

  • Offense must be able to penetrate the defense, with mentality that we PASS and are in position to create SPACE first, and we penetrate the D by passing, body movement and dribbling to test GAPS.
  • Keep the Defense occupied with proper spacing, 10-15 ft.  6 Spots on the outside, 6 spots on the inside (short corners, blocks, elbows)
  • The offense provides player and ball movement with a purpose (player is without the ball at least 80% of time)
  • The offense should put players in strong rebounding position and maintain defensive balance
  • Teammates must be options. A player must be in a catchable space (not hiding behind the defense hooked with back to basket) as a true passing option, OR setting a screen or keeping floor balance by moving away from the ball. Being none of those options is as good as wearing the other team’s uniform.


Keys to a Good Offense


    • The Rules are easy to follow and the spots keep the SPACE!
  • Unselfish Ball Movement
  • Reversals – Players must know what it means when coach says “REVERSE” or “SWING IT.”
  • Purposeful & Sharp Cutting
    • Hard Cut to the Rim, Hard Cut to the Ball, Hard Cut to Space out the Floor
  • Solid Screening
    • Screen the Area! Kids love to Head Hunt, Teach them the importance of why not!
  • Disciplined and Patient Shot Selection


When teaching your offense these factors should come into play. It is hard to teach set plays to kids when you have limited practice time with them. That is why each needs to understand a philosophy with specific points of emphasis. This is important for each player’s overall development and basketball IQ.