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November 10, 2012

Our Part – Five Minutes

One week after Sandy, Mo’ Motion learned that one of our favorite individuals within our program and league found himself in a dire situation while in his home in the Bronx.  As the wind kicked up, he felt his building start to sway.  He told his wife and daughter to move into another room.  Within seconds, he felt another rocking of the foundation.

“We’re getting out now,” he said.

They stepped out in the rain and wind in front of their apartment building without coats.

Five minutes later, the top floor collapsed and crushed his first floor apartment.  The police officer who arrived on the scene couldn’t believe his eyes.  The officer took the family to Dunkin Donuts and bought them donuts and hot chocolate and then took them to a homeless shelter.

Mo’ Motion’s contribution to Sandy Relief:

•  Helping our friend get back on his feet – gift cards, financial contribution, donations, clothes.  If you have ANY unused gift cards from any store, please mail them to Mo’ Motion, Inc. 203 W. 109th 2W, New York, NY 10025.  Motion Staff will take the time to order and provide the essentials for this man and his family or other families affected by Sandy.

•  Donation to the Children’s Aid Society so families in Staten Island can go to grocery stores for food and essentials.

•  Volunteering at Food Bank New York during the week.

•  Paying Mo’ Motion Staff the weekend after the storm – many staff members rely on our program financially.

Below is a photo sent by a Mo’ Motion Parent who loaded up her family the weekend after the storm.  This family lives on Park Ave.  They didn’t ask permission.  They loaded up their car with their four kids and a bunch of cleaning supplies, gloves and shovels and drove to the Rockaways.