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September 9, 2017

My Painful 6th Grade Basketball Reel

My Painful 6th Grade Basketball Reel

As promised to all the children I teach and torture with skill work, here is my sixth grade basketball reel.

I watch this and cringe at my lack of skills.  Yet I can ID the differentiators – my angst, my aggression, my passion and drive.  There are two other players on the floor who played college basketball.  This CYO game ended up being the start of a fierce rivalry that continued through high school and changed my teenage years and maybe even my basketball career for life.  I was so driven to reach my goal of playing college basketball that I started writing down the drills I learned at camp in sixth grade (around this time).  I could tell the difference between bad, good and great coaches early, and the best coaching started for me around grade 9.  It was not just one coach – it was a combination of people who all chipped in.  I even learned from the coaches who had more weaknesses than strengths.

Also note my risk of ACL tear is very clear as well (it happened when I was 17).  I’m hyper-extended, aggressive, stiff-legged.

I am so thankful that I had a mother and father who set a daily example of what a work ethic should look like.  You’ll see my dad’s passion by the end of the clip.  The apple is literally right in front of the tree.

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