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November 16, 2017

Parent Meetings with Mo – WINTER TEAM PLAY!

Parent Meetings with Mo – WINTER TEAM PLAY!
Parents of Mo’ Motion Winter Team Players,
#1) Please note your calendars for added optional, yet encouraged meetings this weekend for parents of team players with Mo’ Motion founder and executive director, Maureen “Mo” Holohan.  A Troy, NY native, and former high school All-American, Mo played college ball at Northwestern and professionally overseas.  She started Mo’ Motion with one boys’ team in 2009, and now the program is the biggest in Manhattan with its 20 winter teams.  Mo’ Motion is also the driving force behind our league,  Read “Why Mo’ Motion?” for full history.
#2) IMPORTANT FOR WINTER TEAM PLAYERS:  Coaches take attendance for mandatory practices for team play.  Parents must message coaches through the app if their child is OUT for mandatory games and practices, and include the reason why.  Please aim for an attendance rate of 80 percent or higher.  Note that if your child is injured, we still would like them to report to practice during mandatory time and we will modify their workout around their injury (severe injuries are the exception).
#3) Areas that will be covered in the 15-20 minute meetings:
– player expectations
– parent expectations
– coaching expectations – coaching bios are here
– attendance and effort rules
– playing time, bonus games/events when possible
– signs of proper player development
– the pillars of Mo’ Motion and the reasons why
– how to support scholarship players, sponsored IMPACT teams and the GBA
– need help with volunteers, community service, corporate support
#4) If you miss the meeting, here’s where you can find most of the info:
#5) Uniforms will be handed out on Sat (Boys Gr 3-4), Sunday for all other teams except girls grade 3-4 – we will wait until after Thanksgiving.  If your child is absent and you know in advance, please ask a teammate to pick up the apparel.  A pick-up option after Thanksgiving will be offered soon.
Thank you for your time and support.