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November 5, 2015

Players – Expectations: Best of 10 (Score a Perfect 10)

Players – Expectations: Best of 10 (Score a Perfect 10)

Expectations for Mo’ Motion Team Players

One point for every shot you sink.  Shoot for perfect 10/10.

1.  Know the schedule and note the difference between mandatory team events (attendance taken) and optional events (strongly encouraged but do not count in place of team events).  Download the app if you have a phone and work with your parents on knowing the schedule.  Do your best to be on time.

2.  Eat well.  Protein, vegetables, water, fruit.  Cut out and/or reduce white flour, sugar, junk food.  Eat well the night before a big game and the day of a big game (or all the time.).  Drink and eat in advance of practice so you don’t run out of fuel during practices and/or events.

3.  Sleep.  Are you getting enough of it?  Do you have a regular bed time?  Can you put your phone or all the screens down/off?

4.  Practice mental training and a positive attitude.  Rehearse in your head how you want your practice to go and replay in your head after practice the mistakes you made, but imagine all the perfect corrections.  Always flood your mind with positive self-images and team images.

5.  Be prepared.  Wear older shoes to practice and change into your practice sneakers so you do not ruin your nice sneakers.  Have your water bottle, mouth guard, knee pads and a snack (if needed) all packed in a neat bag.  Know what practice shirt we are wearing or whatever you team dress code is.  Some teams will be expected to wear their uniforms every practice.  Know the rules.  Dress the part to play the part.

6.  Show up to practice and be early or at least ON TIME.  Don’t slow your parents down or blame them.  Be ready to go and hustle to practice.  If you are late, don’t run up to coach and interrupt.  Run into practice, hustle into the drill without disrupting anyone else.  Make sure you are warmed up, shoes tied, ready to go/think/do.

7. Be enthusiastic.  Run from one drill to the next.  Get back on the floor after water break within 30 seconds.  LEAD the energy department and watch others follow.

8.  Make eye contact with your coach and teammates.  Nod your head.  Smile.  Get mad but get over it by saying, “I got this” or “We got this.”  Engage with all players and coaches.  Get into it and connect early so that practice and games feel great.  If you are lost or struggling or overwhelmed, go to your coach and say, “Coach, what are three things that I can work on?”  Coach will give you three simple things.  Master them.  Feel your confidence shoot up and keep building your skills.  If you need more tasks, ask your coach.  Better yet – figure them out on your own.

9.  Be a grateful spirit.  High five, cheer, root for each other.  If you want to build your confidence, give a boost to someone else who is struggling.  If coach is struggling (injured or having tough day), extend yourself to coach.  Help with picking up balls, pinneys, garbage.  Help each other throughout practice from start to finish.  Say thank you and good-bye to your coach.  That is giving a part of yourself and going above and beyond.

10.  GIVE YOUR BEST EFFORT ON EVERY PLAY.  ALL OF YOUR HEART AND EFFORT AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE even if you feel like you’re not doing anything right.  Just keep giving passion, respect and love for what you do.

THANK YOUR PARENTS for giving you an opportunity to do what you love.  Coaches love to coach, kids love to play, parents love to parent and fans love to cheer for those passionate souls who are showing how grateful they are by simply giving their best effort all the time.


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