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November 12, 2014

Playing Time: Common Questions & Clarifications

Playing Time:  Common Questions & Clarifications

This is our exact excerpt from the mandatory blog, Parents – Expectations – Game of 21 Common Questions

[learn_more caption=”#8  How is Playing Time Determined?  (Attendance/Effort/Same Page)”]

Coaches keep attendance and effort level reports for each practice and determine playing time accordingly.  Players must abide by style of play rules as well – meaning players must be on the same page as the coach and team.  Do not count your child’s minutes.  We do not award equal playing time.  We offer reasonable playing time (per game and cumulative) for those who are showing up, putting in the time and following the rules on the floor.  If your child gets fewer minutes for one game, but is meeting expectations as far as you can see, note that the coaches sometimes can’t make things perfect each game and that they are told to adjust minutes according to our standards in the next game. For more exact details and examples of effort, please read Effort: How To Evaluate Effort & Enthusiasm. [/learn_more]

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