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December 12, 2014

Preparing For the Game

Preparing For the Game

Establishing a routine is the key to finding peak performance within the Players on your team.
Points for the Practice before the game.

  • Go over the other teams strengths and weaknesses. (If Known, I can give you a general idea)
  • Address the keys your team must do to be successful
  • Define each players role if not already established
  • Give weaker players specific goals in practice that are similar to what they will have to do in the game. This way they are focusing on what they need to do to help his or her team on the floor
  • Set Goals and go over them during practice so it is not new information the day of game. Refer to the things you have stressed in practice.

For Example:

Offensive Goals:

  • Offensive Rebounds: 10+
  • Turnovers: No more than 13
  • Free Throws: 15+
  • Paint Touches (Ball to the High/Low Post): 20+

Defensive Goals:

  • Opp. Points Per Game: 36 ppg
  • Limit ball handler driving into paint: Less than 10
  • Allow no more than 5 offensive rebounds

Concrete goals give the players something measurable to show where he or she is at and what improvements can be made.

  • Review pre game routine with the players.
    • What time do they have to be to the game
    • What warm ups will they be doing with their pre game court time. Stretching should be done before this
  • Review out of bounds play, jump ball situation, what to do when a time out is called, and any other situations you feel it is important for the team to be ready for


What Players should be doing before the Game:

  • Pack all of your gear needed the night before. Have it ready.
  • Sleep the night before, recharge your battery. Wake up at least 3 hours before the game starts
  • Pre game meal should be between 2.5 – 4 hours before tip off. Protein, vegetables and fruit. HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. Players want to be fueled and prepared to go to battle.

Dress Code:

  • Players must bring a change of shoes from his or her basketball shoes.
  • Players must wear undershirt that matches uniform color.
  • Dress

Game Day Shoot Around:

If you are lucky enough to have shoot around time at a gym earlier in the day use it to do the following:

  • Review Game plan. Walk through anything that may need to be covered
  • Break a little sweat
  • Layups, ball handling, reps

Game Day, at the gym:

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes before the game.
  • Gather with team and begin to stretch in hallway until you are allowed to take the floor
  • Put a player in charge of running stretches if you the coach are unavailable. Ask parent to oversee if you the coach can not, they should not run the stretch just make sure the kids are staying safe. Should start a sweat.
  • Review your game plan, prior to taking the floor
  • Your pre game warm up should include, passing/ball handling, finishing, focus and enthusiasm (Practice this so the kids have a sense of it before their floor time starts)

 Prepare your team as best you can before the tip.  

Instruct before a mistake is made. Reminders are only useful when given beforehand. Give the reminders early & often, ahead of mistakes. What will be more influential, the thought of action for the play ahead or what you want the player to be doing after the instant has already passed?


During the Game: