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September 4, 2022

Program Questions? Travel Ball? Q&A with Mo

Program Questions?  Travel Ball?  Q&A with Mo

Mo’ Motion is a “pre-travel” youth basketball program and proud of it.  We serve our boys and girls with equal doses of encouragement, gym space and opportunities.  We get our kids into the best possible skill shape and then help them find their next best stop.

Book Thursday, September 8th at 8pm via ZOOM if you are a parent who is:

  1. Looking to find out more about Mo’ Motion’s programs, culture, style of development and figure out what is best for your child.  Read about our ALUM here.
  2. Thinking about “travel” ball while trying to set schedules for more than one child and struggling with the real fear of missing out or not keeping up. You are not alone.**The world of youth sports is making matters even more complicated with pressure for any and all programs to offer “travel” or “AAU” options at early ages making family weekend planning that much more complicated.  The pressure for programs to offer “elite” and “travel” ball or at least bill it as such is coming from the combined factors of bragging rights, egos and money grabs when most kids are still mostly interested in being kids.  This means they’re playing to be with friends, to have fun, and we hope — to work hard and get better (but not always).

So what constitutes “travel” or “AAU” ball? 
And what is the landscape really like in NYC?
Where to look? 
When to play travel ball?
Why?  (Mo has interviewed 60 college coaches from JUCO to Div I).
What to expect?

Maureen “Mo” Holohan (bio) is a former high school All-American and three-time All-Big Ten Player at Northwestern University.  She rarely talks about her college and pro experiences (Israel, Greece, Hungary) because she does not want to set unrealistic expectations for the 95-97 percent of high school players who will not play college ball.  She’s a huge fan of maximizing one’s potential, making school teams and having fond memories of formal and informal basketball playing experiences.

On Thursday, September 8, Mo will chat with any parents interested in discussing Mo’ Motion’s program offerings and also how our program fits into the increasingly intense and competitive world of youth sports.  We take pride in getting our players to a point where they can opt to stay where they are with a reasonable buffet of training options locally, and what marks they have to hit if they want to play “travel” ball.  We also caution parents to be realistic about what travel ball includes and doesn’t include.  We also feel strongly in our staff’s judgment of players as former players who can ID talent and when a player is ready mentally and physically to step up to the next level.

Fill out the form below to participate and expect Mo to send you a google invite with Zoom details.