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May 1, 2016

Props from an All-Star Parent

Props from an All-Star Parent

FAMILY SUNDAY – This is the first time I’ve posted a testimonial anywhere. I know many in the marketing world say it’s a must-ask and must-post, but I feel sometimes when you ask for it, it all feels forced and disingenuous. Can’t anyone say the same about any other program? Can’t a program make up testimonials?

I have an email folder that holds the supportive emails parents have sent over the years, and it will remain private. Yet here’s why I’m posting this email testimonial (after receiving permission from the mother).

I’m posting because the parent has watched at least five coaches in our program co-coach, and assist or lead her child and the group. I led last week and loved teaching this group of boys grades 3-4. My takeaway from this testimonial is that 1) her son, age 8, is bright enough to know the difference in learning environments, and 2) the mother realized our organization is not just a one-coach show. We recruit, retain and develop coaches so much that athletic directors of high schools and middle schools call our office to fill vacancies. Our coaching commitment is the same no matter the age group.

The last and most important part of her email to me was about her effort to make all of this possible. Read about what she’s doing for her son so that he can experience all the great lessons that sports offers children when coaches, parents, players are all on the same page.

My name is Stacia. In September of 2014, my son Kaden participated in your program as a first grader.  We traveled 45 minutes each way every Saturday from Flatbush Brooklyn to the Upper West Side.  Kaden really enjoyed being a new player and learning the game of basketball at your program and having fun.  Unfortunately, we had to stop attending due to scheduling reasons.  Since leaving your program, he has participated in AAU and CYO programs in Brooklyn and Harlem—all being less expensive—and some even free.  None of these established programs have measured up to what your program offers.   Although these programs were more cost-efficient, and he still enjoyed playing basketball and making new friends, I found myself stalking your website to see what programs you were running to hopefully get him back to your organization.  

Having experienced your programs and others, I appreciate the overall professionalism that your program offers, the patience and skill your instructors have, the small group size you offer, the focus on basketball basics, details and technique, the amazing online resources, the respect and fairness for all kids and parents, the detailed, specific emails and notices that are sent out in a timely manner, and the genuine interest to listen to the parents’ comments and concerns.  

Kaden is happy to be enrolled for your Spring Skills Saturday Program.  Being back at Mo’ Motion for the past three weeks is definitely the best choice.  Observing the practices, I continue to be impressed with the attention given to detail.  All the students are treated fairly. They are constructively corrected when practicing.  In speaking with Kaden I asked him why he likes Mo’ Motion. In his words: “I don’t like Mo’ Motion.  I love them because they don’t scream at us.  We learn new things but in a fun way.  We learn more things than only dribbling – like form shooting, or the ring of fire, and improving my left hand layup.”   

If parents are trying to make a decision whether to enroll their kids in your program to help them learn to play basketball the correct way, there really is nothing to compare to what they will learn while enrolled at Mo’ Motion.