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November 19, 2015

Season Email to All Parents

Season Email to All Parents

Hi Mo’ Motion Parents aka the coolest and most reasonable parents in NYC …


We are pleased to announce that we are headed into week #3 of winter hoops.


In this email, you will find:


  • blog links to parent/player/coaching rules
  • email address of your coach
  • Boost weeknight promo discount code – Winter Boost Skills & Sweat starts this week!


Other notes:


– Uniforms will be handed out this coming weekend – Nov. 21-22.
– Mouth guards and kneepads are mandatory for all team players Grades 4-10. Rules will be enforced this weekend. Purchase the mouth guard or kneepads of your choice online or at a local sporting goods store. All players are expected to wear hair neat and pulled back so they can see their teammates and the ball without having to push their hair back. Use ponytail bands or a headband.


– Our league was started by Mo and her one team of Mo’ Motion boys and six total pilot teams in 2009. The GBA is slated to field 85 teams this season. We are close to reaching Mo’s goal of providing equal opportunity for girls and boys – from teams to referees to security guards and scorekeepers. We will reach out to you regarding how our “travel” league makes your life convenient while providing opportunities for several under-resourced teams to participate in organized sports.




BOOST PROMO/workouts – Join our awesome weeknight workouts Tues, Wed, Thurs – STARTS THIS WEEK! – upper east and upper west.  Boost promo discounts for team players only through Nov. 18.  Grades 5-8 team players use this discount of $300 off winter boost with this code:  wbt300 and grades 4 team players use wbt100.


NOTE:  We often take a range of kids age wise but we do not have a 3rd grader play against a grade 7 or 8 player who is there for just reps. There are usually 4-6 hoops in every gym so that players can optimize their workout.  Coaches report on balance of ages/skills every week.  We’re also adding music to winter workouts.


Parents:  Winter TeamPlay – Game to 21 Questions/Answers
  Please read the section on how to handle various injuries.


Players:  Expectations– Best of 10 (Score a Perfect 10)


Coaches:  Expectations for Coaches



NOTE 1:  Coaches are not allowed to solicit and all private lessons must be set up via


NOTE 2:  We don’t allow head coaches to do privates for players on their team during the season.


Coaches’ emails:  Were given out in November.  If you need your coach’s email, please email


We value your feedback.  Please feel free to fill out this anonymous feedback form.  If you are reasonable about expectations you have for our program, players, coaches, and you feel they are not being met or need improvement, please email us or call the office.  We always want to find ways to improve our program, culture and services.


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