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February 20, 2016

Shout Out to Lewis & His Greatness

Shout Out to Lewis & His Greatness

SIMPLE SATURDAY – Today’s simple act is to give a shout out to a random individual who has inspired me even if we’ve never met or never will. I’d like to say thank you to Lewis Howes, founder of The School of Greatness.


I’m shouting out to Lewis because I can identify with him as a former athlete who didn’t settle or stop at one challenge. He wanted to be the best he could be – whatever than meant, no matter the injuries or obstacles that stood in his way. I’m shouting out because Lewis and I would agree that sports taught us the greatest lessons in humility as we battled against some greats, and more importantly, as we battled to find out more about ourselves.


Lewis attended small Division III schools as a football player and decathlete. Lewis caught 17 passes for 418 yards, which earned him a NCAA record. He then went on to play arena football where he snapped his wrist early in his career and needed surgery. The setback left him broke, depressed and sleeping on his sister’s couch. (I rented a windowless room from my sister and she, too, was very good to me as I tried to get back on my feet in NYC.) Lewis took his work ethic that he’d built through sports and channeled it into building several multimillion-dollar businesses online.


I may never reach his scale of success as is the case for most people who grind out the daily life of being their own brand or entrepreneur. I don’t know if I will or if a friend will or if a person down the block will be as big as Lewis. What I do know is this: I’ve listened to a fair share of people speak, and I have to say that Lewis keeps it real by admitting his strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. From where I sit, Lewis is good, kind, respectful human being who has so much to offer those who cross his path. I almost crossed his path in October 2015 NYC during his book-signing event. But the line was not moving. I am an entrepreneur. I had work to do and no time to waste. Honestly, I also felt a little weird waiting so long to talk to a guy who lives across the country and is 10 or so years younger than me. Plus I didn’t want people behind me in line glaring at me if we started rolling up sleeves and pant legs, comparing scars and broken bones.

I listen to Lewis’s podcasts regularly. After producing my first two podcasts, I then took his simple course and let’s just say I have some areas to improve (stay tuned). I am planning to take his webinar series after the hoops season is over.

For all of your entrepreneurs out there, check out his books, podcast and website:


“The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy


The School of Greatness Podcast (free) – look it up on itunes!


And here’s his website:


I really wish Lewis had more sporty or better yet – more gritty pictures for me to post with this story. Like a shot of him on his sister’s couch in his wrist cast on his laptop just after a legs weight lifting workout.


Thank you, Lewis. And keep plugging away.