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January 9, 2016

Show Some Love to the Official Day

Show Some Love to the Official Day
In light of fact that we are going into a weekend where 80 teams will be playing over a 36 hour period, it’s important to say the game would not be possible without the coaches, players, parents and referees. Like them or not, they’re part of the game and a great one given that there’s room for more human greatness when they make great calls, and more human error when the don’t.

Whether you love the call or hate the call, the tough this is the ref can’t take it back. The more you forgive and move on, the more likely the good karma is to hit you back.

Even if it doesn’t, you just believe anyway because the basketball g-ds and kids are always watching.

Today’s simple act is to say hello, nice job, thank you and for the kids to do the same as often as possible. There’s as time and place for the critique of good officials verses ones who need work as we all do. For now, we’re just going to say the game can’t take place without ‘em so a little high five before the game and after is one sure way to show some respect.