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January 10, 2016

Sit Down Sunday

Sit Down Sunday

Today is Family Sunday. If anyone were to ask me of my greatest family memories, I’d have to say that while the camping trips in the torrential downpour were always a true test of family character, and the trips to see our cousin Pete play in the NFL led to some wild rides, the best times I’ve had with my family were when we were sitting together at Sunday dinner. A close second would be watching the Dukes of Hazard on Friday nights and having popcorn. To this day, I don’t get that show or the fact that I couldn’t exactly figure out what Daisy did aside from wear her shorts. Yet it was the event itself – of laughing and teasing and getting lost in something together – that made it so memorable.

Our Sunday dinners weren’t always perfect. Not everyone was there and sometimes there were other guests. One time my grandmother choked on a piece of meat and my mother ran downstairs after racing out of the shower and performed the Heimlich. Other times were lucky enough to have everyone home and happy to sit down. Dad always took the phone off the hook. If we forgot to do it and someone called, we all cringed because one of us would have to get up, answer it and say we cannot talk.

We’d spend the time mostly laughing and making fun of each other. We’d recap the week of school and sporting events. And we just enjoyed the quiet time. I think my brothers and sister and dad have maybe one hour of time a year now to do this with all the crazy schedules and distance that separates us. My sister Meg, her husband and I now do the best we can to bring back old times and create more good times.

Here’s a shot of the two little ones who will be our dinner companions tonight after a long day of hoops.


Happy family, friend and team Sunday.