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January 23, 2016

Stillness in the Storm

Stillness in the Storm

SIMPLE SATURDAY – My first blizzard in Harlem. The snow, the wind, the drifts were one thing, but I couldn’t believe how quiet it was, especially after the travel restriction at 2:30 pm. Between an occasional snow plow and maybe a whistle of a police officer, you could hear everyone move in the building – and there wasn’t much of it. Even the internet was slow for most of the day. It’s one of those moments where you have to throw in the towel and just make the most out of slowing down.

Instead of working on all the things I have to re-schedule to keep our hoops league on track, I worked on a writing project for most of the day. My one outing was a walk to the gym this morning before it closed was peaceful and refreshing up until I turned the corner onto Frederick Douglass. The wet flurries caked my entire face. I looked up and saw Harriet Tubman still powering through, and thought none of this would have slowed that woman down. Or maybe she would have sat this one out, and accepted this was an opportunity to stay inside, be stuck and find a way to be happy about it.

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