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October 8, 2014

Submit Your J-Shot Sample

Submit Your J-Shot Sample

How to Submit FINAL!

Don’t see your video up on our Mo’ Motion You Tube Channel?  Don’t sweat it.  Our video staff missed you while we were hopping gym to gym to capture as many J-samples as possible.

What to do?

First, you must be a registered fall weekend workout participant and/or a registered fall-winter team player – GRADES 5 and UP.

If you are, please encourage the players to do one of the following (option 2 is preferred):

1)  Email and say you would like to be in on the tune-up and Mo will try her best to get a camera or a coach w/a camera or a kid with a camera at your next Mo’ Motion workout (which you will specify in the email).

2) EVEN BETTER – For a quicker turn-around time, you can submit your jump shot sample.  What we need is a sample of your jump shot from the front angle – the A angle – and the side (shooting arm side) B angle.  Your friend can rebound for you while your mom or dad video tape a sample of 3-6 shots from the A angle.  Then stop the camera and do the same sample from 12-15 feet out on the side angle.  It does not matter if you make or miss all the shots.  What we’d like is a sample of what your jump shot looks like now.  We will suggest ways to keep it on track as your body grows and you become stronger.

Below are samples of how to shoot the A and B samples.  Once you video tape the samples, please email them to with your full name in the email and your grade.

Here are the samples of how to shoot your J-sample:

A Sample (Front)

B Sample (Shooting Arm Side)