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March 20, 2020

#3: Hot Hands and Fast Feet

#3:  Hot Hands and Fast Feet


*LINKS to each exercise for tips/form – embedded – so click on them if you have ?

Warm-Up – 16-20 min (or cut in half if need be for all parts)

  • Jog, dance, move, shuffle, dribble for three minutes – 2 min

  • Try these STABILITY & MOBILITY moves  in a stationary spot – 10 min

Part I:  Deliberate Practice Drills – Pick 4-6 of the following shooting drills.  Shoot 10 each to set your form, mechanics and mind.  Set timer for 15 minutes.

1-Levels 1, 2, 3 (raise)

2-Squat Shot (elbow is inside your knee)

3-Spain Drill or Slap and shoot (to check your grip)

4-Balance drills (one leg, one leg tap)

5-Quarter or half turn and shoot drills (stay in the pocket)

6-Footwork L/R shoot, R/L shoot (on catch) or jump stop and shoot

7-Inside pivots, reverse pivots

8-Hop, Hop, Hop – SHOOT (plyos/balance into shooting)

9-Pick your own – any drill Mo gave you (not crossing face, other drills)

Part II:  Hot Hands & Feet CYCLE through A,B,C – includes a rotation of these three sets.

A:  Footspeed Circuit – Watch this video – 2 minutes per drill (you will circle through this again) – you pick one at a time from line jump, fast feet, ladder, cones, change of speed, D slides, JUMP ROPE!

B:  Spot Shooting or Five-Spot Combo Shooting NEW DRILLS by The Dish (like our midrange series) – click here to see basic spot shooting, but DO NOT SHOOT ALL THREES!  Stay in range! – Pick a spot in your range and time how far you can go in 5-10 minutes, use a timer to see how many you can make in two minutes for example, then one minute, then two minutes, etc.  – then be ready to repeat feet, spot shooting, lefties (next)

C:  Weak hand finishes or series – pick the hard ones or simple ones – make 10-25 of them then cycle back up to A.  

(••Here is a video on an entire series to develop the weak side handles to finishes (it’s 15 min, all of our same stuff, but it’s good if you want to do all of this for 5-15 min to improve your weak hand.)

REPEAT THE ABOVE A, B and C.  As many times as you wish.

Write down your total time and any drills or goals you have.

Email me if you have any ? and feel free to send me images or clips of you going to work.  I am proud of you for staying disciplined, and hope you are proud, too!