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June 19, 2020

Virtual Training App

Virtual Training App

We are happy to announce that we have built out a training app customized for our players by Coach Mo!  We are offering FREE trials of the app for the month of June.  

Here is what our app offers – and it is being used by kids who have a hoop and those who do not:

  • Daily organized mix of workouts – basketball, strength, cardio and handles – 5 times a week (workouts run 90 min to 2 hours).
  • A great mix of true speed, agility, and strength drills mixed in with basketball drills unlike any other app.
  • Customized per age group/level AND according to what the player has at home – hoop or no hoop, weights or no weights.
  • Ability to replace workouts with home workouts (hiking, tennis, etc) and recording of bike riding, running and swimming times.
  • Kids are put in groups and on teams so that they get the same workouts and can see the progress of what the team is doing.
  • Instant messaging in the app for questions.  
  • Kids do not have to complete every workout, but they do get a chance to mark COMPLETE.

FREE trial for everyone in June.  $50/month moving forward.
FREE to all participants who are doing virtual privates with me and our staff.

To sign up for the June FREE trial, send an email to or